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Launch hidden settings

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Please note that for the buttons on this page to function correctly, you need to open this page from the built-in Browser app on your KaiOS phone.

On 22 September 2020, Tom Barrasso (tbrrss) and Luxferre made a striking discovery: mozActivity classes from Firefox OS still exist in KaiOS, and not only installed apps can trigger mozActivity and webActivity classes, but websites in the built-in Browser also have access to them. mozActivity, and webActivity classes in KaiOS 3+, enable developers and enthusiasts to share, view and perform actions across apps, including opening hidden items in the Settings app. Well, it certainly looks interesting 👀

W2D KaiOS Jailbreak

Attempt to open the hidden Developer menu in the Settings app, where you can enable ADB and DevTools access. Works on both KaiOS 2.5 and KaiOS 3. (W2D: web-to-dev)

Hotspot for JioPhones

Attempt to open Internet sharing menu under Settings, Network & Connectivity, which is hidden on JioPhones and newer locked HMD/Nokia phones… although the hardware is perfectly capable of doing such thing. Works on both KaiOS 2.5 and KaiOS 3.

Connect to ADB wirelessly

If you don’t have an USB cable nearby and need to quickly debug your app, this button below will open an ADB port of 5555 on your phone so that you can connect to your computer’s ADB wirelessly by typing adb connect [your.phone.ip.address]:5555. For more details, see Sideloading and debugging/ADB and WebIDE.

You can find your phone’s local IP address (192.168.1.x) by going to Settings, Network & Connectivity, Wi-Fi, Available networks and click on the connected Wi-Fi access point; or download N4NO’s My IP Address from KaiStore.

Note that both the phone and computer have to be on the same Wi-Fi network (you can tether to your computer), your phone has to allow at least one of these three permissions: engmodeExtension, jrdExtension, kaiosExtension and you have to turn on debugging mode on your phone prior to clicking this button.

This button below will attempt to open the hidden Readout screen reader menu in Settings, which is hidden on many devices because it is unusable outside of KaiOS’s built-in apps. Note that on most devices, the menu will be blank.

On devices with dedicated volume buttons, you can quickly toggle on/off this feature by repeatedly pressing Volume up and Volume down. You can also toggle the feature under Device Settings in WebIDE.

For list of all hidden settings accessible via mozActivity, check out Cyan’s dedicated website.